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On this page we collect Alternative thinking; there is after all more than just black and white in this world. There are rainbows of colors, and most issues have at least several colors as options, some have virtually infinite options.

      Dennis Kucinich: Interviewed by James Harris on

      We should be listening to what the American people had to say last October, and that is taking steps to immediately end the war. And that means to set in motion a plan to end the occupation, close the bases, bring the troops home using money that’s already in the pipeline to do so.

      At the same time there’s a parallel process of bringing in international security and peacekeeping forces to stabilize Iraq. And we can get that help once we end the occupation. Then you have to have a number of other steps that are taken. Most people aren’t aware that this bill that Congress passed sets the stage for the privatization of Iraq’s oil, oil industry. To have the Democratic Party involved in something like that is outrageous. Furthermore, we should be pushing for the stabilization of Iraq’s food and energy crisis. There’s no talk about that. Basically we’re blaming Iraq for the disaster that the United States and this administration visited upon them. We’re telling them, either they’re going to get their house in order or we’re going to leave. Well, you know what, this approach is wrongheaded and the Democrats should have known better and they should have done better.

We could not agree more. At the same time we must realize that politicians of whatever party are basically cowards, pandering to special interests for the most part, to the voters, least of all. And we Americans, good Authoritarians that we are, buy into it.

Why put off the inevitable? Speaking now to the Democratic cowardice in Congress: If you sully yourselves with the folly of Mr. Bush and his consciousless Neocons, you too will get what you deserve.

There are better solutions to our energy problem as well. What do you suppose a half trillion dollars could do toward establishing a renewable energy industry -- an industry on the cutting edge of technology, leading the world instead of inciting it.

As for the world's trouble spots, why not explore how to enlist other developed nations in finding solutions that are cooperative, coherent, and effective.

What would happen to the popularity of martyrdom if the causes were removed at the same time we started treating terrorism as the police problem it really is? See Confessions of a Thug for an example of what works.

What would happen to bin Laden's Jihad if he suddenly had no adversary? As it is he may be well on his way to becoming the latest Prophet among the montheists in recorded history dating back to Abraham.

Many worry about what will happen in Iraq if we leave. We worry too. But Kucinich offers an alternative, reach out in effect. Reach out to our brethren states for help during the transition. The UN is not powerless in what it can do, especially if its mission to Iraq were composed of Muslim personnel from Islamic countries that are relatively neutral.

The rhetoric from the religious fundamentalists on all sides is little short of propaganda. Each monotheism involved has a dark history owing to their radical elements. What would happen if some good folks from each decided to work together and dampen the fundamentalism that everywhere inflames more than it soothes tempers? Yes, it would take time.

Think about terror in a time perspective.
The one thing we have is time.
We can use it wisely or we can waste it.

We really do have multiple options in a polarized world. If all we do is listen passively to the drum beat, we will follow a self-styled "caesar" off the edge of the cliff to Hades. If we follow our instincts and hang-ups, we are doomed to repeat history ad infinitum.

Conversely, cooling off and communicating in Dialogue can work wonders. This statement, too, has alternatives, many of them. It is just integral to how we go about making progress toward peace; other things are also necessary.


Maybe, maybe not. But we can engage their fellow nationals in dialog. They can respond in positive ways.

Why are terrorists ascendant in the first place? If we answer the "why" appropriately, the problem can be mediated.

Posted by RoadToPeace on Friday, October 26, 2007 at 21:34:13

Could a movement that shakes the world be seen as ascendant? Is not 100% a black and white statement in a world of gray?

Is there a perspective here?

Does it pay to search for the reasons why things happen? If so, how does one go about it? If not, why not?

Posted by RoadToPeace on Wednesday, August 06, 2008 at 12:46:46

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Posted by RoadToPeace on Thursday, December 03, 2009 at 23:58:52

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