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What does this topic have to do with Terror? Well, along with state and church, corporations in the West at least have played strong roles in the humiliation of the Middle East. Corporations and industry have, moreover, dumped more greenhouse gases into the biosphere than any other sector of human endeavor, hastening the day when expanding population runs out of room in the face of vanishing resources. This eventuality may already be driving terrorism to greater heights.

These features raise the issue of responsibility, corporate responsibility. While most basic industries and corporations continue to dump to the limit of the law, many have on their own elected to meet the Kyoto accord. They have done this simply because it makes good business sense.

So what can enlightened corporations do?

  • Improve efficiency of operations.
  • Enhance and reward ethical corporate behavior.
  • Support positive and progressive values in society.
  • Make business decisions with a long view and ecology in mind.
  • Behave in biospheric-friendly manner.
  • Avoid special interests that run counter to the general welfare.
  • Support equality of opportunity for all people.
  • Support global efforts toward peace in dialogue.
  • Seek business partners who behave likewise.

With corporations pointing the way, societies can be nudged gently toward peace on earth with good will to all creatures and especially to the biosphere so critical to us all.


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