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If you are innately curious and want to better yourself by pursuing a degree, those options too are readily available on the Internet.
  • Education For Peace For research, training and international collaborations.
  • Peace Education "Teacher as Learner (Theory); learner as teacher (curriculum)"
  • Peace Education Foundation Mission - "To educate children and adults in the dynamics of conflict and promote skills of peacemaking in our homes, schools, community, the nation, and the world."
  • for actual online help toward getting a degree from an accredited college or university.

If you are innately curious, but cannot afford the time, money or commitment to pursue education beyond 12K, the Internet has come to your rescue. Not only can you just take potluck, you can listen to the best that American colleges and universities have to offer online on just about any subject. Check out: for free lectures online by well-known experts.

Finally Google and Yahoo provide listings.


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