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Inner Peace
Paix Interne

2002-2003 Kris Rosenberg.

Trent Lott dit: «Vous êtes qui vous êtes par vertu d’ ou vous êtes nait.» Il grandit, il explique, dans une atmosphère raciste. Il se décrit comme un «produit du temps et de l’endroit.» Je vais donc vous parler du temps de ma naissance en 1931, et la location Birmingham, Alabama.
子供にもできること [Even a Child Can Do It] Japanese Translation by Kazuko.
2002-2003 クリス・ローゼンバーグ (Kris Rosenberg)

Inner Peace

2002-2003 Kris Rosenberg: Recalls being a self actualized child with an internal locus of control.

Trent Lott says: "You are who you are by virtue of where you were born." He grew up, he explained, in a racist atmosphere. He describes himself as a "product of time and place." I will tell you about my time born in 1931 and place, Birmingham, Alabama.
Kris Rosenberg

Apr 2002; Jan 2006 (Edited Notes from her files.)
By Kris Rosenberg

Communication is the largest single factor determining what kind of relationships a human being makes with others. he manages survival, how he develops intimacy, how productive he is, how he makes sense. --Virginia Satir: People Making.
The Dalai Lama's Advice on Daily Practice

The Dalai Lama, a Buddhist who would view things differently from the monotheists, has asked that the following practice be shared with as many people as possible.
From A Rat's Eye View: An allegory from nature

Harry Rosenberg

Sept 2003; Feb 2004
Forty-One Defensive Male Responses
1996 Kris Rosenberg

Kris collected 41 relational red flags indicative of hang-ups in men. She wrote for women, but most of these communication problems work both ways. Many, maybe most, can be changed if their owners truly wish to.
In memory of Robert Malcolm Christian Jr.
1945-1969 (Killed in Vietnam)

2002-2003 Kris Rosenberg
(Saved From His Hang-up, also known as Defense Mechanism)


Updated 05 June 2008

This poem illustrates an unhappy feature of modern society that too rarely works itself out. Composed "online," so to speak, it has a real author; she has requested anonymity and reserves the copyright.
To A Special Friend

Sometimes in life you find a special friend:

Someone who changes your life
by being part of it.

Someone who makes you laugh
until you can't stop.

Someone who makes you believe
there really is good in the world.

This is a forever friendship.

And if you find such a friend
you feel happy and complete,
because you have a forever friend for life,
And forever has no end.

Contributed by a special and forever friend.
2002-2003 Kris Rosenberg

My focus in this paper is inner peace; teaching children compassion; living with non-violence and empathy.

2002-2003 Kris Rosenberg

Can people change? We wonder. In what ways and how fast and how much can a person change?
To be truly peaceful with nature, the world, and one's neighbors, one first needs to find inner peace.