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After Christian Science Monitor, 02 April 2012.

Osama Abu Ayyash lives in a village on the West Bank, Breit Ummar. He is a college dropout who now drives a truck. Nine years ago, his wife lost her brothers, who had been accused of being terrorists and shot by Israeli security forces. As it turned out, that tragedy became a new beginning. Bereaved, Osama and his wife joined a modern-style activist group—one that promotes reconciliation. His goal is to humanize the conflict in Palestine through dialog with young Israelis.
Bigotry and racism are still with us. Never mind that we have a black president. Part of the world breathed a huge sigh of relief when Barack Hussein Obama became president. The other part didn't. The KKK has gone underground; the Neo-Nazis have no following; both are dormant. Racism, in particular, is alive and well.
Outreach Enables Peace.

Updated: 3 Dec 2009

Can we care about others as we care about ourselves? Can we embrace and celebrate our differences? Can we discover common ground with our neighbors from different cultures?