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For what coolness and compassion can do visit If everyone on this earth were like her, it would be one peaceful place.

All this cool lady did was avert another school shooting. A heroine of the highest order merely remained calm while approaching a young gunman with compassion and empathy. And it worked.

Just as calmly and coolly, she established a fund on behalf of disadvantaged children. From her website:

Thank you for your support! Proceeds will be used to provide travel for underprivileged children. We will provide inner city kids the opportunity to see the world. If you change their vision, you can change their lives.
Theory is fine. So is dialogue.

Times for action come when things fit together coherently as physics, chemistry, geology and biology do that gave rise to the human genome. Produced via biological evolution, our genome is the basis for the sociological and psychological patterns evident today--as they have been over human history. In short, do we not now know enough to get started in a broad but coherent way?

Perhaps no single movement can capture all the issues on this web site.
But what if it can?
This is a matter for not just dialogue but action beyond.

There are many sites devoted to peace. Each does good work, a few do great work. Each is needed. The problem is city hall, to use a metaphor for the stubborn psyches we all harbor. Until our psyches open up enough to allow facts to replace fiction, to permit growth instead of stasis, to replace stagnation with energy, we will forever remain in the boat of individualism with sharks of violence, terror, war and genocide ever circling.
Quick Links for Action.

Updated 10 May 2010

700 Women
Activism is Patriotism
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America's Future
The longer we see Barak Obama in action the better he looks. We have a lot of company. Frank ScHaefFer, ex Republican, ex Christian Right, ex all the ramifications, Frank Schaeffer, jumped ship. Like John Dean, Schaeffer repudiates all that the modern Republicanism shouts about. And both jumped ship for similar reasons. Schaeffer is our kind of Republican. We bring you his open letter in its entirety from the Huffington Post.

Dear Republican Leaders: The Republican Party has become the party dedicated to sabotaging the American future. Check out the sermon I just delivered about the Republican Party on CNN when being interviewed by D.L. Hughley – and read on.
There are many--most notably in the Middle East and Africa. At root, they all seem to arise as fights over resources. As often as not, one or more monotheism is leading the fight and/or defending the bastions. In sheer volume the subject is so vast, it daunts even the most determined. But modern communication resources can simplify while providing guidance. In the engineering sciences, with understanding comes control. That works in the social sciences as well. The dramatic difference lies in the precision of what we know. Engineering can be as precise as we care to make it. Society is nothing if not highly variable within and among groups. Society is also beset with bias, dogma, and hierarchy. Nevertheless, the serious researcher, or interested observer can reach measures of understanding sufficient to bring peace. Dialogue is at the heart of the matter.

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What would happen if we made abolishing violence and war a strategic goal?

We ask this question in all seriousness because many we question laugh. Do they laugh because they:

  • Think the mere idea is silly?
  • Are sociopaths waiting in the wings to sucker us?
  • Are cynical?
  • Are simply nervous over what others will think?
  • Are warriors out of a job?
  • Have not thught about it?
  • Are disadvantaged to the point of naivete?

What would happen, really, if we made abolishment of violence and war a strategic goal?
Dateline: 26 Jan 2008.

A nationwide e-mail misinformation assault on Barak Obama's character, personality, and faith has been traced to its origin. We may not be so lucky next time.

The Boston Globe reports: “Three federal employees are being investigated for unlawful political activities after they allegedly sent an e-mail falsely accusing Barack Obama of being a 'radical Muslim,' the Globe has learned.”
RoadtoPeace invites you to offer your opinion or belief below on how to achieve world peace and the core-values that guide you daily. RoadtoPeace never reveals information about its correspondents or members to third parties.

If you prefer to offer a more general essay for the general public, visit "This I Believe" on NPR.
August 2002;
revised Sept, Dec 2003; Mar 2007
Group Integration for peace
Punditry alone can hardly change the world. Activism can, especially of the Gandhi, Schweitzer, and King type. Each earned universal respect by his individual devotions, not to God or grandeur, but to humanity. And each changed history.
Updated 02 Mar 2008

To see around the corners of time and reach into the future some GPS would help. More apt metaphors might be a foggy night, a dark jungle, being blind; for these are where we are. Which way can we go? How do we decide?