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A literal take off from Daniel DeFoe [1660-1731]
The True-Born Englishman: A Satyr

From all the world they came, they, the affluent, cream and pride, laying waste in wanton slaughter of all who came before. Americans all, or soon enough by birthright, beckoned new brethren, kin, neighbor. Opportunity, Land of Plenty was the outgoing cry for all to hear and heed.

  • From Europe came the Danes, Spaniards, Dutch, Swedes, Germans, Poles mixing their seed and blood with the all-conquering American.
  • From Asia in different demeanor, language and style, came refugees from who knows what, from China, Japan, India, and Burmese land.
  • From Africa to its great regret came some of yet a different color, as chattel, slave and mistress to serve, and serve again, the mighty American.
  • Whether rich or poor, landed or not, whether poet or artist, laity or priest, whether of blue or red blood, or mixture came known for what they could do.

'Twas not by birthright we understand, that made one American, but what he or she could do for America that defined us in our own self image. 'Twas not by birthright, for that includes the cowards, the murderers, and plunderers among us all. Might made right, as the Whites banished the Red men to reservations fit only for savages, not kings. Might made right as Americans revised history, wrote laws to protect their own. A raucous-can-do spirit captured all in its embrace, giving spirit and bonding to all, inspiration to the restless, and invitation to would-be kings of the hills--even the mountains from sea to sea. Americans grew in self image to Giants, forgot their humble societal origins, stumbled along brushing friends and neighbors aside in living up to their own "Ugly-American" self image.

How else could it be
in such a land of opportunity!

Three centuries later now.
Some things never change!
Will Brit History become our future?


De Foe's finest literary satire meant any Englishman who was part of its body politic. His satire addresses what happened to immigrants arriving in England, the land of opportunity. His poetic lampoons fit Americans equally well today.

De Foe's 40 page satire can be purchased for a modest price at:

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Google Search using "The True-Born Englishman" and other sources and commentary turn up.

for the full text

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