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Have you ever wondered where and when the next terror strike will hit the US?
Will it all end in mushroom clouds?

We have wondered and we have researched these questions and others ever since 9/11. Neither has an answer under present political and technological conditions.

Nevertheless, one can make progress where it is possible. This page presents our tentative conclusions. We found tactical answers that have not worked for millennia. In short, an eye for eye, tooth for tooth philosophy only perpetuates violence. In fact, Monotheism is strongly associated with violence throughout the pages of history. Monotheists have always, and still are, fighting over whose god is God. For some diverse views, see:

Nevertheless there are strategic avenues evident, though many details are missing. Some avenues, such as integration, and longevity already have traffic. Furthermore, since our tendency toward violence is genetic, one need only look for the other inborn traits to explain the very large variations in violence within and among societies. Not surprisingly, on the daily experience level, there are about as many avenues toward peace as there are origins of violence, roughly a score in each camp. A similar pattern is true at the genetic level, where there seem to be only a few violent gene expressions, and about as many peaceful expressions.

We have assembled a matrix of Signposts. The sooner we begin moving down the various avenues, correcting course as we go, the sooner we will be able to breath in peace.

For an overview of our research, visit the series of links beginning at: ORIGINS OF VIOLENCE AND AVENUES TOWARD PEACE

For a matrix of avenues, see: BROWSER'S HUB.

Let us know what you think. Thanks