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"It's a very different kind of person." Mukasey said in reply to Senator Dick Durbin, Illinois Democrat, who asked about water boarding. This seems at first glance to be a 'so what.' But think about it. Is this not 'BLACK AND WHITE' thinking--Authoritarian to the core? Mukasey waffled the rest of the way, never clearly stating he does or does not approve water boarding. After all, he wanted the prestigious AG job, and he got it.

We have some problems:
  • Do the majority of Democrats approve torture? It would seem so. (John McCain doesn't.)
  • Do Democrats fail to think? In most cases they may be too much like Bush himself, with two-dimensional thinking processes.
  • Torture went out of style in America with the Salem Witch Hunts. Torture was not the most effective way to interrogate during WWII. Have Democrats forgotten these inconvenient facts?
  • Torture is how Saddam did it. Why are we reducing ourselves to his level? Or are we simply projecting our inner selves through our favorite sociopath?

Look for the Bush trademark, the smirk, next time he mentions torture, or better yet catch some of his reruns. Has Congress bought into his sadism? It would seem so.

The worst of it is this. The Senate caved in and joined in approving a practice that is not only immoral, but useless. Bush revels in his torture. He is reveling even more now that he has corrupted Democrats in Congress to aid and abet his sadism.

We live in dangerous times, not so much because of the top guy, but because his disease is catching, corrupting--and DEADLY for America. The Democrats, well not the 40 in opposition, but still the Democrats as a party, erred in the grossest and gravest possible way in approving the Mukasey nomination.

Where have our Founder's principles gone?
What has happened to our humanity as a people?
Does the beltway rob us of our reason?

It is time for statesmen and women to stand up and be counted and turn this abominable era around for the sake of all humanity. In our meek submissiveness we go along with madness. Milgram, "Obedience to Authority;" so do Zimbardo, "The Lucifer Effect," and Altemeyer, "The Authoritarian Specter."


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