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Updated 5 mar 2010

Since much of our information on this site came via books by many authors we thought it appropriate to list the books here by title.

1776 - David McCollough

Abraham - Bruce Feiler

A Nation of Sheep - William J Lederer

A Problem From Hell - Samantha Power

Al Qaeda Now - Karen Greenberg - Editor

Baloney Detection Kit - Carl Sagan

Bush On The Couch - Justin Frank

Conservatives Without Conscience - John Dean

Challenging Nature - Lee M Silver

Command Of Office - Stephen Graubard

Confessions of a Thug - Phillip Meadows Taylor

Consilience - Edward O Wilson

Crisis of Civilizations - Walter Russel Mead

Darwin On Trial - Phillip Johnson

Dialogue and the Art of Thinking Together - William Isaacs

Elizabeth I -- CEO - Alan Axelrod

Ethnic Conflict and Civic Life - Ashutosh Varshney

Fear Less - Gavin De Becker

Framing For Dialogue - George Lakoff

Fundamentals of Extremism -- The Christian Right in America - Kimberly Blaker

Galileo's Revenge - Peter Huber

God Is Not Great - Christopher Hitchens

God's Politics - Jim Wallis

Islam [A Brief History] - Karen Armstrong

It Can Happen Here - Joe Conason

Letter to a Christian Nation - Sam Harris

Man's search For Meaning - Victor Frankl

March of Folly [Political History Repeats] - Barbara Tuchman

Mein Kampf - Adolf Hitler

Napoleon and the 100 Days - Stephen Coote

Nationalism and its Alternatives - Karl Deutsch

Obedience to Authority - Stanley Milgram

On Human Nature Edward O Wilson

Outliers - Malcolm Gladwell

On Violence - Hannah Arendt

Peacrmaking Among the Primates Franz De Waal

Plan Of Attack - Bob Woodward

Science -- The March of Unreason - Dick Taverne

Rwanda Conflict (Pre-Genocide) - Dixon Kamukama

Seville Statement on Violence, Spain David Adams et al

Shake Hands With The Devil - Romeo Dallaire

Short History of Myth - Karen Armstrong

Snakes In Suits - Babiak & Hare

Sociopath Next Door - Martha Stout

Statistics on the Table - Stephen Stigler

Surviving the Slaughter - Marie Beatrice Umutesi

Target Iran - Scott Ritter

Terror in the Name of God - Jessica Stern

The Altruism Equation Lee Alan Dugatkin

The Authoritarian Personality - Theodor Adorno et al

The Authoritarian Specter - Bob Altemeyer

The Arab Center - Marwan Muasher

The Battle For God - Karen Armstrong

The End Of Faith - Sam Harris

The Future of Life - Edward O Wilson

The Hedgehog and the Fox - Isaiah Berlin

The Hijacking of Jesus - Dan Wakefield

The Homework Myth - Alfie Kohn

The Iron Wall - Avri Shlaim

The Limits of power - Andrew Bacevich

The Lucifer Effect - Philip Zimbardo

The Magic of Dialogue - Daniel Yankelovich

The One Percent Doctrine - Ron Suskind

The Process - Uri Savir

The Trouble with Islam - Irshad Manji

The Undergrowth of Science - Walter Gratzer

The Wrath of Nations - William Pfaff

Toward A New Civilization - Arthur Blech

We Survived (Genocide)- Wendy Whitworth: Editor

When Victims Become Killers - Mahmood Mamdani

Why We Hate: Solutions - Rush Dozier

Without Conscience–The Psychopaths Among Us - Robert Hare

Women and Gender in Islam - Leila Ahmed

Other recommended books not reviewed by Roadtopeace: Fieldwork Under Fire - Nordstrom & Robben, Eds. - It Can't Happen Here - Sinclair Lewis -


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