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"Democracies die behind closed doors"
Federal Judge Damon Keith


The Republican nightmare is that a Democrat will complete the dictatorship they so carefully crafted but choked on in the 2006 election. Actually the nightmare faces all of us, for history shows left-wing dictatorships are every bit as brutal as the right-wing variety.

Benevolent left-wing dictatorships are rare but exist. In our times they are all in Asia. The only interesting feature is how the US courts might respond. The worst of all worlds would be that they could stall progress for just long enough to put the Neocons back in power to complete what they started and continue their drive toward world dominance, brandishing, even using, nukes all the way. Of course the wrong Democrat could do the very same thing. What politician in his right mind could resist the temptation to keep and enlarge the powers Bush has amassed while most of us were blissfuly sleeping.

Which brings to mind the next 15 months.

Would Bush nuke Iran in a desperate attempt
to keep the Neocon agenda on track in 2008?

Maybe if Cheney, Israel and his Neocon friends give the OK.

Halloween thoughts anyone? The White House has some they will soon give away.


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