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Who They Are

Authoritarians are mostly good, ordinary people. A very few are great as in the military for example. The truly great military leaders exhibit muted authoritarian traits that permit logic and cooperation, empathy. Robert E. Lee, for example, was a far greater military leader than was Napoleon.

  • Most authoritarians are basically good people and lead productive lives in numerous pursuits. Rigid styles are appropriate in professions such as accounting, law, and medicine
  • Tendencies toward blind obedience make authoritarians susceptible to coercion by the extreme Authoritarian, Sociopath or Psychopath . When these Narcissistic people are engaging, have abundant charisma, and gain power, they can alter history. Despots and conquerors are historic examples and they are alive and well today.

The last bullet is of concern. Being overly obedient, we Authoritarians do not question the logic or morality of our leaders as well as we should.

What? We Americans too obedient?
The evidence to be cited is yes, in spades.

How can we stop marching to the narcissistic tunes of the few?

There is so much evidence attesting to the damage these people can do in governance that they must be regarded as the principal rocky place in the road to peace. Compounding that problem, is our tendency as a species toward blind obedience.

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