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Why is there so much violence?

  • Historic events in our era attest to the fact that we know little of ourselves—as individuals or societies:
    • The Holocaust: (German citizens supported Hitler's mad eradication of Jews)
    • Genocide:
      • Rwanda (Hutu slew Tutsi; neighbor slew neighbor; children killed their parents)
      • Kosovo (Ethnic cleansing of Muslims by Catholics)
      • Darfur (Ethnic cleansing of African farmers by nomadic Muslim Arabs)
    • Abu Ghraib: (Revolting indecencies arose consistent with presidential signing statements. Other military prisons suffered as well. Ref: Major General Taguba or Phillip Zimbardo.)

These events turn out to be deeply rooted in the human genome and psyche. In plain words, the cause of human violence is us.

The Ultimate "Greek Tragedy"

Under our current trajectory, it is only a matter of time before a sociopath or a martyr-in-the-name-of-God gets his/her finger on a nuclear trigger. Solutions limited to war have histories of begetting yet more wars.

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