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Updated 17 June '07

With all due respect for the office of the President of the United States, this incumbent has accomplished some negative achievements of historic import. The world will never be the same.


North Korea Six years on, this one cannot be blamed
on Clinton. Minus two.
Iraq An unjustified miltary sensation,
A lost adventure,
A cause celebre for every jihadist,
A human disaster.
Minus four.
Iran Leverage Lost
Opportunity for another Iraq looms.
Minus two.
Economy Response to 911 has committed a trillion dollars.
Another trillion is sure to come unless there is drastic change in policy.
The good-ship Titanic is heading straight for the iceberg of debt.
Minus two.
Republican Politics Ney pleads guilty of bribery.
Foley resigns from House after evidence surfaces of gay sex overtures to a congressional page.
Minus two.
Faith Initiatives White House insider says religious social programs were cynical political ploys.
Is this Bush's idea of values?
Minus one.
American Values Decent American service men and women currupted by the Bush "System" become torturers and worse--equivalent to an American Inquisition .
Minus two.

These items (minus 15) speak for themselves. And they keep getting worse!

So much is made of American interests, one thinks it must lie at the bottom of every policy decision. Or is that just the party line? We think it is both.

Industrial cronies and the extreme right wings of politics and religion are the people dancing in the streets as the vigorous society Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman built slowly crumbles, robbed of both its national wealth and self esteem. Certainly America's place in the world has shrunk relative to the rest of the world by almost any political or economic measure one cares to apply.

One wonders what can possibly be in the Neocon minds. Read John Dean to find out. But now it appears Dean didn't go far enough.

See Terrorism update for the up-to-the-minute score card.


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