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Seven Reasons

Links From MoveOn
Jan; Feb 2004

This page bears on terror because it relates to the leader against terror. This leader oddly "forgets" his own promises, ignores conservative fiscal policies, acts without compassion by undermining his own education bill modeled after his earlier scandalous failure in Texas, alienates friends, and suspends the Fourth Amendment without the due process of a Constitutional amendment while taking care of his political supporters [Enron leads his donor list], plutocratic friends and the religious right who would police our very bedrooms not to mention our thought processes. Eli Parser (of MoveOn) organized the following links:

Fellow Americans. Do we really want a "bait-and-switch" (smoothly employing used-car-salesman techniques) at the helm during these perilous times?

This man is using our national priorities to further his private ends. Our children will pay the bill.

The Taliban, originally a small scale operation was not wiped out. It is merely back where it started on a small scale. Its only opposition in most of Afghanistan is a still-fragile government of an entirely new sort that is foreign to most Afghans, especially the warlords. It doesn't have vital process support because there is neither middle class, nor tradition, nor infrastructure necessary to make a stable democracy work. The new constitution does not even separate church and state. The door is wide open to Shariah law. To be sure, it is far better than Taliban rule. The obvious problem is that it will take a generation at least to create a stable democracy in a primitive land ruled for most of the last 1400 years by Islam.

But the Taliban are back! Will Mr. Bush stay the course in Afghanistan? Or will he stay only as long as it is politically expedient to do so?

The Taliban are betting on him pulling out of Aghanistan too soon. Can the American electorate foil their expectations? What do you think?


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