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Updated 05 Apr 2008

Roadtopeace is a nonprofit organization staffed by volunteers who want to make a difference in the world.

Bloggers may make their views known on our Forum. Originators of blogs can edit and otherwise maintain, extend, or terminate their offerings.

We read the lessons of human and natural history and apply them to current times. We hope to be blind to gender, race, ethnicity, age, belief systems, and origins. We expect these values plus integrity in our colleagues. We value highly an ability to think and especially we value wisdom and insights born of experience, evidence and study. These are for naught if not transmitted in dialogue.

Effectiveness in fighting terror is foremost in our minds. That means open dialogue and pooling ideas for action. It also means staying the course until societies realize the virtues of peace and actively work toward it. That effort is projected to take a generation and more.

Roadtopeace will not be finished as long as the roots of terrorism remain significant forces on earth. We update and add material to our site frequently in response to feedback, new developments and as new research becomes available. Except for the business end, we proceed as a virtual organization.

We invite interested visitors to this site to compose and post pages of their own. Those fluent in other langages are invited to post original material or translations of favorite pages in their own languages. Five people have posted seven such pages; one is original. As of 05 April 2008, 112 members have posted pages or information, and three presentations have been made to the public. is managed by the Amargosa Group as a public service.

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