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In a word: Bring peace to humankind.

"If you would not be forgotten,
as soon you are dead & rotten,
either write things worth reading,
or do things worth the writing."
- Benjamin Franklin -

Our mission is to search out the fundamental reasons for terrorism and war, and work toward fixing them with equal opportunities for peace for all peoples regardless of ethnicity, belief system, gender, national origin, or station in life.

Reading recorded history is a heavy trip. Through all of it, terrorism, wars, and genocide recur again and again. Like rows of dominoes, each event seems to trigger further events.

But while these histories repeat themselves, they do so only in the large. An objective read of history finds organized terrorism concentrated in monotheistic cultures. Following the ancient scripts, terrorism, war and genocide march into the 21st Century.

Current Status Statement

Grass-roots societal changes are needed everywhere to counter Extremism and its offshoot Fundamentalism.

The root cause of violence is our jungle heritage as expressed in our in-born Authoritarian Personality (genetic). The question of whose god is God is central to terror in our times: Monotheism and Violence.

Progress has been made. Nations, cities and people manage to live peacefully in our times. See:
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Principles We Hold

To implement the Four Freedoms,

Freedom of speech,
Freedom of worship,
Freedom from want, and
Freedom from fear.