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On Line Date: 15 Apr 2002
Page updated 13 Nov 2008
Visitations through 31 JAN 2013

Activity Since Founding Month Ending Above
Unique Visitors 1,998,687 23,041
Pages Viewed 5,408,734 86,086
Hits 13,106,638 110,269

By the nature of the Web, we have had more actual visitations than unique visitors, perhaps multiples more. There is no way to know. Here's what we can say:
  • We have received at least as many hits as are listed.
  • Each web address that accesses us accounts for at least one unique visitor.
  • Since founding, the average visitor has accessed two or more pages before exiting. That ratio is increasing.

Site Updating Policy: Updating, beyond monthly traffic, occurs ad hoc from either of two events:

  • Significant new material is added, or
  • Content is significantly re-formatting or edited.