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Franklin Roosevelt enunciated the Four Freedoms,

Freedom of speech,
Freedom of worship,
Freedom from want, and
Freedom from fear.

World War II led not only to the explosion of atoms, but of the four freedoms as well. If there is a better formula, history has yet to reveal it.

Principles on this site we live by and defend include:
  • Provide equal dignity, rights, and opportunity for all humans individually and collectively.
  • Governance shall serve the people, not the other way around.
  • Provide education via Dialogue that is culturally broad with emphasis on how to think rather than what to think; value questions as much as answers.
  • Provide ambiance that recognizes the need of people to connect with others, with creatures, and with nature.
  • Protect the biosphere for the benefit of all life on earth.
  • Protect all humanity from nuclear disaster.
  • Preserve and maintain Earth's resources in ways that do not exceed the renewable energy allotments available from nature.

We recognize others may have different opinions and perceptions. We welcome commentary and opportunities for Dialogue.