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Op-Ed: Duane Sweeney 2001

When I see and think of the acts committed I am aware of the plight of the injured, the fear and pain the dead must have experienced, and what their loved ones are going through now and will for years to come.

I am also aware if I extend myself of the great pain and sense of helplessness the people who did these things must have come from, and of the history of suffering of so many people they undoubtedly identify with, which continues today. I find that this awareness of enormous pain everywhere makes it impossible for me to want more violence, except what may be necessary to defend ourselves and others from harm.

Instead, since pain is the source of the desire to inflict pain, I want pain and hunger to be eased, dignity for people who feel themselves oppressed, fairness for all people. When we have these things in all places, we will have no need to fear such acts, for no one will have the motivation to commit them, or if they do it will be in a vacuum of support and they will not be able to continue.


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