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NARCISSISM: A personality disorder: Self centered in spades. Not crazy.

And for that very reason, Trump is truly one of the most dangerous brands of all sane decision makers. The worst of it is, assuming he is basically sane, he is not sufficiently aware to recognize how out-of-step-with-reality-he really is. His view of the world has him sitting at the apex where only he decides what is right and what is wrong.

All one needs to do is review his many departures from reality, to realize that here is a man who knows not and knows not that he knows not.

Perhaps the most flagrant example was his assertion that COVID 19 was in control after it had already announced itself as a real pandemic! That would only be only for starters!

Now that COVID 19 has come to the White House Staff, it is painfully obvious that yet one more God personified is really just so much dust! But, like a Texas hurricane to the rest of us! If that is not enough, what kind of leader puts down his cell phone and plays golf OUT-OF TOUCH and not immediately reachable. From his behavior, one might wonder if he might not vacate the White House. He will, surely, we can hope, can't we?!!.

To go on seems utterly pointless!