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Every red- or blue-blooded American should face up to our place in the world. If we don't, the march of history will soon do it for us. Not only do our national debt and congressional paralysis look bad, but our basic morality is going the way of the Romans. Read on and decide for yourself.

"As we cope with downturns in American power in the world and the American economy at home, there is much talk about reviving, renewing, rescuing, or redefining the American Dream. We would be better off facing the anguish inherent in the American Dream. Once we recognize that the dream has always been dependent on domination, we can see what fundamental changes are necessary to avoid a planetary nightmare. The American Dream - Professor Robert Jenson.

Jensen does not stand alone. See Stephen Glain in "The Progressive", vol 75, Number 7 for the hypocrisy that permeates our armed forces as well as a soldier's story by Kathren Schultz on Slate.

All three of these references are consistent with the findings of many others on this web site. For some of the background for how we got into this mess see:

A Nation of Sheep
The Lucifer Effect
Abu Ghraib
Sociopath Next Door
Bush on The Couch

For an overview of how human nature came to be what it is and what we might do about it see: Peace Via Nature's Way - Index

We are indebted to a web colleague for this lead.


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