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National Security
Updated: 25 Jan 2011

181 countries have signed on.

Why is it taking us so long?
What was your knee-jerk reaction?

Fear was our gut reaction. We fear that the treaty would open the door for cheating while preventing non-cheaters from improving their arsenals.

Meanwhile, A lame-duck democratic Congress ratified the START treaty on 22 Dec 2010. Congratulations to Obama and the Congress for enabling a new path toward a safer world.

Can nuclear tests be detected?

Nothing is foolproof at the sensing limit--heating is possible if nuclear weapon testing cannot be detectable reliably. However, modern detection ability is now so sensitive and so widely dispersed, that in the practical military sense, cheating has become impossible anywhere on earth.

The rest of this page addresses the reliability of sensing nuclear-weapon testing with respect to the detection limits, which vary a bit geographically. The world is in fact now quite safe from clandestine nuclear testing going undetected. Read on.
RTP presents excerpts of

A Dangerous Deal With India
By Jimmy Carter, Wednesday, March 29, 2006; Washington Post

Book Review
Denial and Deception
Melissa Boyle Mahle

Up dated 6 Aug 2010.

Mahle brings spook history to life and her book rates five Stars for fingering stovepipes as a fundamental cause for poor intelligence and failed security. We summarize her insider's view of the inner workings of what passes for governance -- bureaucracy.
Updated 28 July 2006

To some the Bush Doctrine is better defined by his actions than by his words or something on paper. Others take the trouble to interpret his words in a favorable light, such is politics, regardless of party.
EU: U.S. Anti-Terror Flight Rules Breach Privacy

The Europeans are taking privacy and liberty more seriously than the Bush Administration does.
After David Cole
The Nation 1 Dec 2003

Mahar Arar is a Canadian citizen of 16 years and was born in Syria.
Our research into intelligence failures turned up, and continues to turn up, surprises when insider information surfaces. In the Rowley and O'Neill cases we found a bureaucracy out-of-tune and unable to acknowledge, let alone respond to Terror threats. And it was not just intelligence, a general smugness by the administration aggravated the disaster brought by Hurricane Katrina.
The White House, September 2002
Work with others to Defuse Regional Conflicts

President Bush
May 23, 2002
Expand the Circle of Development by Opening Societies and Building the Infrastructure of Democracy.
This page distills much of our findings in a security context. Our findings depart substantially from actual US National Security policy.
The Government has spent tons of money on a system that will collect information on terrorism in a central data bank that agencies with a need to know can access along with "others".
Updated 12 Dec 2007

National Security

A new department, Homeland Security, is now given the charge its name implies. For an update (Dec 2007) See:

Book Review
Sedition is Silence
William Rivers Pitt