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14 May 2008

One of the most humble of great men, Barack Obama is bring accused of elitism. True to the arrogant spirit of the political elites, who wield vast powers, the Clinton camp is accusing him of being an elite. Anything goes in this political world of make believe. A man of humble origins, a man from a single-parent family, is being attacked for having some of the very qualities that made his attackers great.
How could a mediocre technologist shake the world?

The short answer is by his audacity coupled with intelligence failures and high-level infighting in the US government.
Updated 28 Apr 2010

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American Friends Service Committee
Justin A Frank MD
Bush On The Couch

Extended Book Review
By Harry Rosenberg

Frank confirms our worst fears pieced together from other sources. He does not use the terms sociopath or psychopath, rather he prefers the Freudian terms sadism, omnipotence, anal stage, grandiosity, paranoia, megalomania, and Oedipal complex. Yet he vividly illustrates how socio-psychopathic behavior arose in the most powerful man on earth.
When looking at Murders per capita one finds a huge difference in rates across the world. Every year Columbia murders some 385 times as many people as does Qatar! Italy, the home of the MAFIA, has a murder rate more than three times less than that of the US. The five safest reporting countries are all in Asia or the Middle East. All have murder rates less than 18% that of the US! What war are we fighting anyway? And why?
A brilliant observer more than a scientist, Abraham H. Maslow nevertheless offered a feasible hierarchy in describing human existence. A typical scientific approach might include experimental and control groups of randomly selected individuals where the experimental group would be assessed analytically to sort out their needs relative to a control group. If this seems impossible, it may be that it is, in fact. On the other hand, simple descriptive statistics are quite adequate to describe a cohort of people of any specific origin. Here there is still some difficulty. There might be needs not on the list, and in any event people understand words and interpret them differently.
Victim of a sting in a men's room at the airport, Republican Senator Larry Craig of Idaho, pleaded guilty of disorderly conduct. There must have been more to it to justify his plea.

Louisiana Republican Senator David Vitter was "straight," but still his name appeared in the book kept by the "D.C. Madam."

Neither activity is all that rare today. But how they were handled says a lot about them and our society.
November 8, 2006


President Bush on the Election Results

The transcript:

BUSH: Say, why all the glum faces? Yesterday, the people went to the polls and they cast their vote for a new direction in the House of Representatives. And while the ballots are still being counted in the Senate, it's clear the Democrat Party had a good night last night. And I congratulate them on their victories.
Since 2 November 2001, all commercial airlines have installed steel bars such that cockpit doors can be locked from the pilot's side.
Surely there are as many avenues for radicalization as there are terrorists. This page deals with the myths surrounding terrorism -- countering with what we now know.
Transcript Part 2
I thank the Commission for arranging this special session.
Revised 21 Mar 2006

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Op-Ed:AFSC Conference, posted on Znet -- Excerpts

Noam Chomsky, 12/8/2001
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This page bears on terror because it bears on the leader against terror.
October 23, 2004
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Excerpts from the New York Times
[Commentary -- Road to Peace]
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8 Jan 2004

by Thom Hartmann

Published on Sunday, March 16, 2003
Michael France

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What Cheney Should Have Known
Under God and Over
Leon Wieseltier

Wendell Berry

Excerpted from a New York Times advertisement. See: for a condensed version..