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Op Ed from our nation's archives:
Also known as the Malaise Speech.

Reverberations from the past sometimes come from unexpected sources. An administration overshadowed by the Reagan years, nevertheless had some things right, among them energy and the mood of America. History has come full circle on these very issues, thanks to two failed wars and numerous oil "fat cats." Jimmy Carter left a legacy unique among his contemporaries:

"How clean a smell he left behind!"
Op Ed:
Dialogue with Islamic Civilization?

Dr Sohail Mahmood

A dialogue of the West and Islam is the need of the hour. The Western powers must open up dialogue with the Muslim countries based upon mutual respect, equality, and understanding. Only then can the misperceptions that have guided the West’s foreign policy be altered with more productive approaches to peace. The radical forces in the Islamic world need to be fought on the intellectual front also.
Op-Ed: Keith Rosenberg, 2001

Legal Means: (Rule of Law)
Op-Ed: By Vel Nirtist March 2005
Op-Ed: Carol LaRock 2002

One other quick insight that has come to me is the distinction between those who are martyred for what they believe and those who deliberately put themselves in Death's pathway for what they believe.
Op-Ed: Keith Rosenberg 2002
Op-Ed: Robin Flinchum Sept 2004

All day yesterday I could hear the bombs dropping on Fort Irwin, the army training grounds that cover thousands of acres of the Mojave desert near Barstow, California. Fort Irwin is a two-hour drive from where I live on the edge of Death Valley National Park but the noise carries in the still, warm air.
Op-Ed: Daimon Sweeney 2003
Op-Ed: Hassan Radwan May 2003
Revised Sept 2003
Op-Ed: Keith Rosenberg 2003
Op-Ed: Duane Sweeney 2001
Op-Ed: 2002 C.L. Miller 2002 (Posted prior to our move)

Islam is poised for a Reformation. The peaceful majority of Muslims is pitted against a significant number of Islamists whose fundamental interpretation of the Koran has led to well-publicised violent actions around the world. Of the 1.2 billion Muslims, the number of fundamentalists who sympathise with the overt terrorists is estimated to be at least 10 per cent of Muslims, and perhaps up to 20 per cent. Either way, the percentage is high.
Op-Ed: Duane Sweeney 2001
Op Ed: This is our features page for commentary by world citizens.

Opinions or excerpts are provided primarily from: our visitors, historians, professional commentators, and religious leaders. Our intent is to be evenhanded in perspective.
Op-Ed: Doug Snedden 2002
Op-Ed: Duane Sweeney 2001
Op-Ed: Duane Sweeney 2001
Op Ed: Kris Rosenberg 1996; Posted Aug 2004
Op Ed: Carol LaRock 2002

In the world today, the means does exist for a global dialogue, (e.g.. via the Internet). Though cliches are not generally acceptable modes of "intellectual" communication, one seems most apt in view of this current historical phenomenon. That is "you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink". The key word being "make".
Op Ed: Hassen May 2003
Op Ed Keith Rosenberg June 2005

We humans seem to want people like ourselves around to associate with - a kind of village mentality and one that many organizations take advantage of.