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Founders Bios
Harry Rosenberg PhD
Updated 16 Jan 2014
Education: Materials Science, Stanford University
Experience: Product/Market Developer (Materials); Founder: The Alta Group, Pioneer Materials Inc.; Concerned Citizen. Practiced engineering, scientific, managerial, and entrepreneurial disciplines for 55 years. Since 9/12, his primary focus has been in researching this site.
See for career notes, and Biography for more details.
Present Focus: Understanding how Nature works, what makes Homo sapiens tick, and how to leave the world better than he found it.
Radoj Glisic BA
Education: Computer Science and Mathematics; La Roche College
Experience: Web master; Graphics Designer; Instructor (Carnegie Mellon University); Concerned Citizen.
Focus: Site designer; uses open-source software to facilitate all who are interested in the origins of terror and achieving peace. His special interest in this site is in facilitating communications between and among cultures.
Kris Rosenberg MA (Deceased)
Education: Psychology; University of Nevada Las Vegas
Experience: Psychotherapist; College Teacher; Administrator; Author; Concerned Citizen.
Focus: Key psychological and sociological bases for "Nature / Nurture" model of terror as it is still developing on this website. Kris inspired all who knew her. Provided the initial impetus for this web site on 9/12 by suggesting we start our initial research with Theodor Adorno who studied why the Germans followed Hitler to the bitter end so slavishly. Her book, Talk To Me, was published by Putnam in 1993.

See Memorial .