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Women, Children and Slavery
Date Line 16 June 2008

Maraba, Rwanda.

This little nation whose genocide shook the world 14 years ago is doing something very right--getting their women to work growing coffee, managing companies, starting businesses. Most are widows of the genocide. What they have going for them is energy, eagerness to work, and creativity. The village cooperatives do the rest. The women have stable incomes upon which their families can rely.
Updated 10 Jan 2008 Whether we like it or not, legality has no significant effect on the frequency of abortion.
Born a slave, Frederick Douglass saw firsthand the seamy side of 19th Century America. He was also a towering intellect. He had to be to rise from the ashes of oppression to see the world as it actually is--both awful and compassionate.
Updated 29 July 2008

From time immemorial, women have been discriminated against, for no reason other than the fact that they are usually smaller than men. When exploding populations run head on into the nuclear genie as they surely will, it seems from here that the genes for mothering are better prepared and well-suited to meet that crisis than than any other genes on our genome.
Updated 08 Aug 2008

Societies that empower their women, societies that use all hands and all brains in cooperation, societies whose women are equal before the law, these are the societies that forge ahead, peacefully.
Personal as Opposed to Herding -- Notes For Western Women
Kris Rosenberg
Apr 2002
Updated: 09 Apr 16

Mohammed was a liberal in his time. He treated his wives, and women in general, with more respect than was customary in his day. For that he should be saluted. Where Islam failed is in his example of moving forward in respect to women with time.
Nation building in these two countries has left the women behind.
Some thirty-three years ago, a member of the U.S. House from Brooklyn challenged her party and her country to think more boldly than it ever had before -- about what the occupant of the White House should look like.
A tragic figure from the Trojan War foretells events in our times:
Hang-up Behaviors in Washington

[An Allegory]
Updated 19 Mar 2007
Women have achieved full equality with men in very few places on Earth. To be sure, the ills ascribed to Islam are shared by many other societies. There is a great deal of radical opinion, misinformation, and disinformation on the subject of women in Islam. History has a bearing on why women have been discriminated against since record-keeping began. Fortunately there are many women today doing their best to balance the scales.

Irshad Manji
Book Review with commentary

Irshad Manji is one of those rare people who combine sharp wit with very serious business--the future of world society.
Honor Lost??
Norma Khouri

Updated 29 Mar 2007

A host of research has shown this book to be fiction though it was meant to be read as a true story.
Leila Ahmed
Book Review

Ahmad has produced an even-handed book on a touchy issue and it is already a classic. Her book is so well researched and documented that it is fit for any library, scholar or historian. At the same time Ahmad's simple and readable style is accessible to the rest of us.