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International Relations.
The Boston Tea Party and the current Tea Party, have something in common: They don't like the status quo. Neither had, nor has, a clear sense of direction. It is their passion that rocked and is rocking the boat. Something was and is definitely wrong with the governance system.

What begins to give us pause are the facts that while the early Boston residents were protesting the policies of King George III toward his colonies, the current Tea Party seems to be protesting against its own government.
After WWII, America was toasted in the East for bringing down the rapacious Japanese Empire and in the West for tipping the scales against Hitler. Warning signs foretelling the age of terror were few and far between, too insignificant to appear in history books, much less in the media of the time. What is happening now was beyond anyone's imagining at the time. In his last days in office, Eisenhower warned us of the Military-Industrial Complex. By then, the making of a New-Age economic empire was well along, and Ike himself had a lot to do with its birth. Each little step seemed right and obvious--at first, only in retrospect in the light of events, did this new pendulum take on tarnish and shards. No longer are we automatically toasted as saviors; rather our nation is roasted in too many circles who have only terrorism as a weapon to fight back against economic exploitation.