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A literal take off from Daniel DeFoe [1660-1731]
The True-Born Englishman: A Satyr

From all the world they came, they, the affluent, cream and pride, laying waste in wanton slaughter of all who came before. Americans all, or soon enough by birthright, beckoned new brethren, kin, neighbor. Opportunity, Land of Plenty was the outgoing cry for all to hear and heed.
Surviving Auschwitz on Spirit Alone.
Viktor E. Frankl
Book Review

In addition to spirit, Frankl also had his share of luck, first when he was selected for slave labor. Then again when unable to move, he lay down to die, a health crises requiring his medical skills rescued him with food and yet more time. His last brush came as the Americans approached. There was no room left in the trucks evacuating internees. Those finding seats were cremated alive--to destroy eye witnesses to genocide! He and a colleague were the only camp survivors.
Updated 07 May 2007

Military-Industrial Complex Speech, Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1961

Eisenhower was an excellent president and a great man by any standard. He was right on about American democracy. His foresight is stunning, even today.