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Revised 21 Mar 2006

Links to resources on the numerous aspects of terrorism and society are provided here.

This site and all sites accessible below should be used with caution — most news organs and blogs provide more or less biased views. Some are much better than others, of course. Remember also that those participating in events will see and remember them differently; therefore, no reporter is able to fairly report all sides in the context of those participating. Reporters may also be restrained by their employers or governing society. The same is true of pundits whose national and religious origins can bias their positions to greater or less degree. Our intent on this site is to travel the middle of the road; we embrace sound evidence and reasoning; we denounce extremism of whatever ilk or origin.

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700 Women
Activism is Patriotism
Amnesty Int'nl
Concerned Scientists
Common Cause
Demo Underground
Diplomats for Change
Freedom of Information Center
Global Exchange
Human Rights Watch
Inst. War & Peace Reporting
Int'l Action Center
Investigative Reporters
Iraq Veterans
Make a Difference
Michael Moore
Military Families
Muslims for Peace
Neve Shalom
Peace Activism
Peace Corps
Physicians for Human Rights
United for Peace
Vietnam Vets
United Planet
Voting & Dem
Voting Rights
Want Peace
Women For Peace International
Zi Activism

Blogs For Peace
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Al-Muhajabah's Islamic Blogs: "Three blogs for the price of one! = veiled4allah / A Quranic Journal / Excerpts of Recent Entries"
Become a Blogger for Peace: You are on your own here; say what you want.
Current Commentary "Must Read" Activism
Feminist Blogs: "Feminist Blogs is a community of weblogs by self-identified feminists, womens liberationists, womanists, and pro-feminist men."
Informed comment Independent Perspective by Juan Cole, Blogger with insight.
News Room: Political Activism
Peace Blogs North America Lists numerous blogs organized for content.
Peace Corps Folks: "This is a resource, forum, and community for women interested in, applying to, serving in, and/or returning from the Peace Corps."
Pittsburgh Weblopggers: "Serving as a compendium of all writers, narrators, blogs, and commentators in the greater Pittsburgh area."
The Triad Institute "The Triad Institute is a recently established 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization devoted to developing and advancing a new vision of citizenship for a fast-globalizing and ecologically challenged world. The name Triad refers to a threefold vision of citizenship that is simultaneously local or place-based, national, and multinational/global. Triad serves as a think tank, publisher, and education organization."
Want Peace? From: Mona, Phoenix, Arizona, United States: "I believe in the value of every individual and that we each have the potential to do some amazing things."
Women Power: "Empowers women to act politically to reduce violence and militarism, and redirect excessive military resources toward unmet human and environmental needs."

Economies and the gap
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Business Ethics — Business Week
Some Reasons Why the GAP — Dollars and Sense
Greed Out of Control — Third World Traveler
Writers Group — Washington Post
Failure Doesn't Matter — San Jose Mercury News
Executive Pay Watch — AFL/CIO
Enron on Ethics —
Corporate Reform —
Poverty and Environment — Innocent Kabenga

Links To Terror Groups
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Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade
Egyptian Islamic Jihad
Palestine Islamic Jihad
Tamil Eelam
Websites of Interest to Terrorism

Links to Terror News
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BBC Radio — BBC News
Defend America -- US Defense Dept
Institute for War & Peace Reporting — "Giving Voice, Driving Change;
Middle East — Asia Times
Middle East News — Charles Lipson Univ. Of Chicago
Open Directory — dmoz.Org
News Groups — HumanityQuest.Com
Sept 11 News — Permanent Internet Archive
Terror Headlines — News Roundup
Terror News Feeds — Journalism Net
Terror News — Back Country Conservative
Terror Timeline — World News Atlas
Terror Wire — World News
War On Terror News — US Politics Today
Peace Sites And Movements
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Albert Einstein Institute -- Policy & Outreach theroadtopeace -- Quotations from heavy hitters.
Anti-war Movement -- Guardian Unlimited
Culture of Peace News Network -- Global Movement for a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence
Danish Peace Academy -- Communicate important information on peace, peace-culture, and war
Hiroshima Peace Memorial -- Hiroshima Peace Site
Historians Against War -- "We historians call for a halt to the march towards war against Iraq. We are deeply concerned about the needless destruction of human life, the undermining of constitutional government in the U.S., the egregious curtailment of civil liberties and human rights at home and abroad, and the obstruction of world peace for the indefinite future."
History of Peace Movements -- "Real People Helping Real People."
International Peace Research Association -- Research Projects
Mahatma Gandhi -- Man of the Millennium: "Life is my message."
Nuclear Policy -- Nuclear Week In Review
People4Peace -- Miscellaneous Peace Organizations
Peace Education -- Hague Appeal for Peace
Peace Links -- "PEACE LINKS is a volunteer movement that strives for a safer world for our children by empowering women to work towards abolishing nuclear weapons, educating children and families in conflict management skills and linking with women and men worldwide who seek alternatives to war."
Peaceful Societies -- "Alternatives to Violence and War"
The Hospitality Club -- Bringing People Together

Religion -- Websites For Research
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Ancient Religions
Biblical Inconsistencies
Buddhism and Peace
Bush's Religious Language
Catholic Reformation
Christianity and Peace
Eastern Religions
Folk Lore and Mythology
Foundation for Human Rights
Great Religions in a Pluralistic Society
Hindu Universe
History of Astrology
Islam and Peace
Kofi Annan's lecture on Religion: Press Release
Learning From the Past
Origins of the Bible
Origins of the Qur'an
Protestant Reformation
Qur'an Inconsistencies
Religion and Violence
Religious Teachings on Peace
Religions, Faith Groups and Ethical Systems
Religions of the World: Statistics
Religious Controversy
Religious Sects
Religious Tolerance
Tolerance Origins

Society and Terrorism
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America's War Against Terrorism
American Way
Black Commentator
Body Counts
Brookings Institute
Carnegie Endowment
Clean Money
Clearing House
Consumers Union
Economic Policy
Eisenhower Foundation
Helsinki Watch
Home Planet
Human Rights Watch
Human Rights Web
Jews for Peace
John Olin Center
Mercy Corps
Mideast Info
Military Commanders--Letter to:
Nat. Pub. Radio
Neve Shalom
No Korea Nuclear Threat
Nuclear Threat Initiative
Oasis of Peace
Open Secrets
Peace Links
Peace Resource
Peaceful Tomorrows
Political Information
Religious Dialogue
Straight Talk
The Middle East
The Nation
The New Republic
The Progressive
The Public Eye
Tree of Peace
Truth Out
United for Peace
Veterens For Peace
Vietnam Vets
Voting Rights
World Crisis Web

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